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Previous Event - K-1 World MAX Final 16 2013

K-1 World MAX Quarter Final 1

Saturday, December 28, 2013.
Show starts at 6:00AM Eastern (GMT -5h).

This is the longest running Kick Boxing Organization.
Who will win the K-1 World MAX Quarter Final 1?
Watch and find out!

K-1 World MAX Quarter Final 1 Poster

Tournament Fights

  • Buakaw Banchamek (Thailand) vs Zhou ZhiPeng (China)
  • Andy Souwer (Netherlands) vs Enriko Kehl (Germany)


  • Kong Hong Xing (China) vs Saenchai (Thailand)
  • Li Ning (China) vs Sutin (Thailand)
  • Han Kai Hu (China) vs Chengrob (Thailand)
  • Zhang Kai Yin (China) vs Rachen (Thailand)
  • Xie Lei (China) vs Pasol (Philippines)

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